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Our Services


Plastic thermoforming

Vacuum forming
Pressure forming

Drape forming
Hot /cold Bending


Post-processing and finishing

Includes die cutting, punching, hot air welding
solvent bonding, structural adhesive gluing,
ultrasonic inserts pressing

5 axis CNC machining.jpg

CNC machining

Multiple 3-axis and 5-axis machines can provide precision CNC machining services for complex and intricate components

Sheet extruction

Plastic sheet extruction

Four lines,
Max. thickness: 10.0mm
Max. width: 900mm

Engineering support

Engineering support

Our engineers have the expertise to design from concept to final product. We utilize SolidWorks CAD software, which seamlessly interfaces with Unigraphics and Autocad. We also offer electronic file support and transfer services.


Bonding and assembling

We can do hardware/electric component installation, and turnkey projects.

Robot arm.jpg

Robotic Trimming

Fully robotic trimming allows us to deliver precise, repeatable results on our thermoformed parts


Quality analysis and control

3D CMM. Faro arm. 0.007mm
Color measure/Spectrophotometer
Surface Gloss meter.
Material Tensile testing machine
Surface roughness measuring machine.



Water base low VOC PU paints, EMI/RFI Shielding in-house.
Silk screening is also available.

Mold fabrication

Mold fabrication

In-house tool designing,
machining and assembly.

Our unique set of design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions and services optimize and streamline your products across their entire lifecycle

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